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How to Share Whatsapp Status

How to share WhatsApp Status and Long Video Status

In 2017, WhatsApp revised the Status feature, which is now similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories. The older feature has now been renamed to About. At first glance, WhatsApp Status may...
How to Share Twitter Tweets as a Story Sticker on Snapchat

How to Share Tweets on Snapchat as a Story Sticker

Cross sharing on social media platforms isn't new, but Twitter and Snapchat have now teamed up to let users share their tweets on Snapchat stories directly. While people have already been...
YouTube Playback HDR Videos

YouTube: How to Playback HDR Videos

Did you know that YouTube supports HDR videos as well? Yep. Compared to regular videos, HDR videos offer higher contrast and details that are especially visible in darker scenes of the...