You are living under a rock if you do not know what Instagram is. In recent times, Instagram has become the first choice of everyone to share their pictures, stories, videos, etc., aka Post Stories on Instagram. Moreover, with every individual’s privacy issue on Facebook, Instagram has become more famous and has got positive responses. This post will guide you on how you can post stories on Instagram and hide them from some followers.

What are Stories on Instagram?

The Instagram story allows the user to post their photos and videos, which will automatically disappear after 24 hours. If you have used Facebook Stories and WhatsApp Status, then it is similar to them.

How To Post Stories On Instagram

How to Post Stories on Instagram and Hide it from some Followers

If you are unaware as to how to upload a story on your Instagram account, here are some of the necessary steps:-

Step 1: Log into your Instagram account and click on the ‘Plus’ sign on the top left corner right of your profile picture. Another step is to swipe right on the main feed simply.

Step 2: The camera view will open, which would allow you to either take a picture (both from the front and rear camera) or upload the same from your gallery.

Once a picture is selected, you can get various filters by swiping left or right to edit your photo.

Step 3: Post/upload your content by tapping on the ‘Send to’ button. After clicking on the ‘Send to’ button, you will be given two options.

You can either share your picture with all your friends or can only share it with some selected friends and hide the same with others. (Steps for how to hide your story is given below). For that, you need to click the second option, i.e., ‘Close Friends’ instead of ‘Your Story.’

Step 4: Tap to ‘Share,’ and your Instagram story will be uploaded. You can also save the picture/ video by tapping the ‘download’ button present on the right side.

Note: Under ‘Your Story,’ you can configure or control if the story will be posted to Facebook. Please make sure you are aware and not unknowingly share it there as well.

How to Hide Instagram Stories from Some Followers?

Can you share or show stories only to limited followers? Yes, that is possible. If you want to show your story only to your limited followers and want to hide the same with all others, you can edit your story settings.

Tap on ‘Your Story’ for 2-3 seconds > Edit Close Friends List > Add the names of the selective persons you want your story to be visible to

How to Hide Stories from Some Followers?

FAQs: Stories On Instagram

How long the stories stay alive for the followers?

Once your story is uploaded, you or your followers can view the same by tapping on the circle present on your name for 10 seconds for 24 hours.

How to view those who saw your Instagram stories?

You can also view the list of persons who saw your story. Just tap on the ‘eye icon’ at the bottom of your story.

Can I add more images to existing stories?

Add more photos to stories

It is also possible to add more than one stories simultaneously. All you need to do is tap and hold on to the circle named ‘Your Story’ for 2-3 seconds. You will get the options of either ‘Add to your story’ or ‘Edit close Friends List.’ Tap to the first option and follow the same steps as you did to upload your previous story.

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