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Best Netflix Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials. Find a massive collection of step by step guides on everything Netflix. Right from creating an account to find the recent Netflix Content to Streaming in Ultra HD/4K.

Multiple multiple profile Netflix

How to share Netflix with multiple friends using Profiles

If you choose Netflix Standard and Premium plans, it lets you create multiple profiles. So if you plan to share Netflix account with various friends and family, each of these profiles...
How to find Netflix watched movies and Series

Netflix: How to Stream 4K Videos

Netflix's Premium plan can stream videos in 4K or Ultra HD, but many users complain that they don't see the 4K option on their device. While Netflix does offer 4K streaming,...
How to deauthorize devices in Netflix

Netflix: How to Deauthorize Devices

Netflix allows an account to be used on various devices and with multiple profiles. If you have shared your account with friends, but now have a reason not to allow them...
find Upcoming Netflix Movies and Series

Netflix: How to Find New and Upcoming Movies and TV Shows

Netflix has a massive collection of TV shows and movies and it keeps adding a plethora of new content every month. Given the sheer amount of content that Netflix keeps adding,...
Netflix Mobile Only Plan India

Everything to Know About Netflix’s Rs 199/Month Mobile-only Plan for India

Netflix recently announced a mobile-only plan for India. Given how price-conscious the Indian audience is, the company needed to come up with this plan to help bolster its growth. The $3...
Delete Netflix Account

Netflix: How to Delete or Deactivate Account

Netflix is easily among the most popular video streaming services right now. It has an exhaustive collection of movies and series. For some reason though, you might want to delete your...
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