Netflix recently announced a mobile-only plan for India. Given how price-conscious the Indian audience is, the company needed to come up with this plan to help bolster its growth. The $3 (Rs 199)/month plan might sound tempting at first if you only watch Netflix on your mobile, but it comes with several restrictions. Here’s everything you need to know about Netflix’s mobile-only plan.

The Indian streaming space has become quite competitive, with the likes of Hotstar, Alt Balaji, and even Prime Video offering their subscription at throwaway prices. In comparison, the monthly subscription rate of Netflix is on the higher side, which has acted as a deterrent and caused its growth to slowdown in India.

Netflix Mobile Only Plan India

With the new Rs 199 mobile-only plan, Netflix is looking to change that. Below is everything you need to know about this new plan from the company.

Netflix’s Mobile-only Plan: Everything to Know

  1. The company initially tested the program with a monthly subscription price of Rs 250/month. However, at launch, it reduced the price to Rs 199/month.
  2. The plan is available only in India for now.
  3. The plan only works on mobile phones and tablets. You cannot use it to stream content on your PC, laptop, or any other device.
  4. You are limited to only one stream as a part of this plan.
  5. Content will stream only in SD (480p) resolution. No HDR/Dolby Vision support.
  6. Smart Downloads is supported.
  7. No Google Cast support.
  8. Can be upgraded to any of the full plans.

If you live outside of India and are tempted to try out this cheap new plan from Netflix, my recommendation would be not to do so. That’s because the Indian content library of Netflix is vastly different from the U.S. library, and it includes a lot of regional shows.

Netflix will gradually roll out this plan to other parts of the world, but the rollout will likely be limited to developing markets.

What are your thoughts on this new mobile-only plan from Netflix for Rs 199?

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