One of the most annoying parts of Netflix is that there is no easy way to keep track of all the movies and TV shows you have already watched. I say it is annoying because Netflix keeps listing series which I have already watched. That’s something I have not faced with Amazon’s Prime Video. In this guide, we will share how you can find the list of movies & TV series that you have already seen on Netflix.

Find the List of Watched Movies & TV Shows on Netflix

1) Log in to your Netflix account, and then click on the Profile icon on the top right. Next click on Account to open your account page.

2) At the end of the page under My Profile look for Viewing activity. Click on it to open My Activity Page.

Netflix My Account Watching Activity

3) It will list all the recent activities under your Netflix Profile. You can view day-to-day activities with series and movie names. There are two filters Watching and Rating.

Here is an exciting part of the Rating section. You can change it from here. So if you think you might have rated a movie or series incorrectly, you can adjust all from here.

Netflix My Account Rating Page

To delete the current rating, click on the cancel icon next to the thumbs down button. It will reset the rating for that series or movie.

Just like My List, Netflix should introduce a section which lists the seen movies and TV shows. Even better if they can add a marker or improve their algorithm to keep away the seen series off the list.

In my opinion, any series or movie once watched should stay hidden while going through the catalog. It can be found via search or can reappear when new episodes become available, but till then it should remain hidden.

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