Netflix allows an account to be used on various devices and with multiple profiles. If you have shared your account with friends, but now have a reason not to allow them to use it anymore, you can choose to deauthorize devices in Netflix.

Netflix Sign out of all devices

How to deauthorize devices in Netflix

  1. Go to the Netflix Account Page
  2. Click on Sign Out of All devices
  3. The page will prompt you, “Are you sure you want to sign out of this Netflix account on all devices?”
  4. Click on the Sign Out button.

Netflix doesn’t ask one to sign in every time one opens Netflix. It applies to both one using a browser, and the Mobile App. It is possible that you have a new person joining in the sharing pool or you need to change the password. In both cases, you need to make sure that the account is signed out of all those devices.

The process will take up to 8 hours to take effect on all devices and affects all profiles in this account.

Note: You can follow these steps only using a browser, and not via the mobile app. Even if you open the account settings on the app, it will open in the browser.

Delete Netflix profile & Change password

Post this, make sure to delete the Netflix Profiles you are planning to remove, and also change the account password. Of course, you will need to share the password with the new set of people.

I wish there was a way where one could choose to remove individual devices. You can partially do it by deleting the profile, but that’s only half done. You will still need to change the password to make it useful.

Sharing a Netflix account is not uncommon, and so are new people in the Netflix sharing pool. There are a lot of options like Netflix, which offer a similar experience. It is perfectly reasonable for anyone to get bored using Netflix alone.

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