Netflix is easily among the most popular video streaming services right now. It has an exhaustive collection of movies and series. For some reason though, you might want to delete your Netflix account. In this guide, we will share step by step process to Delete or Deactivate Netflix Account.

How to Delete or Deactivate Netflix Account

There is no nuclear button to delete or deactivate your Netflix account, and at best, you can only cancel your Netflix membership. I would recommend you to follow the steps below to make sure none of your data is left on the server after you cancel or delete your Netflix account.

  1. Cancel Netflix Membership
  2. Remove linked Phone numbers, Emails, and Profiles
  3. Remove Payment methods

1) Cancel Netflix Membership

  • Go to Netflix Account Page.
  • Under Membership & Billing, click on Cancel Membership. You will get a prompt to confirm this action.

Cancel Netflix Membership

While Google Play billing for Netflix was discontinued from May 2018, if you subscribed before that, then you need to cancel your subscription from Play Store.

  • Go to My Subscriptions on Play Store
  • Click on the Manage button next to Netflix
  • Choose to cancel the membership

The subscription will stop at the end of the next billing cycle or month.

Netflix does not allow iPhone/iPad users to subscribe directly from the App Store. So, iOS users also need to follow the same steps as mentioned above.

If you want to delete your account immediately, you need to contact Netflix via email. Using the same account, you created the Netflix account, contact Make sure to mention the same in the email.

2) Remove Phone Numbers, Emails, and Profiles from Netflix

Netflix claims it does not store any data, but since you are not going to use the account anymore, it is best to remove all personal data.

Change Email Phone number Payment Netflix

Phone Number: Go to Netflix Account Page and click on Change Phone Number. On the next screen, you will have the option to Delete the Phone Number.

Remove Profiles: Netflix keeps track of your watch habits and suggests similar content. If you do not want Netflix to keep that data, it is best to cover your tracks.

Delete Netflix Profile

Click on the profile icon, followed by Manage Profiles. Except for your profile, you get a delete option for all other profiles. Post deletion, all the Netflix history related to that profile is also removed from the server.

Remove Email account:  On your account page, you have the option to change your email account. You can replace the email account with a dummy email account that you don’t plan to use.

3) Remove Payment Method from Netflix

There is no way to remove credit card information linked to your Netflix account. What you can do, however, is create a virtual credit card. Create one and add it to the Netflix payment method. Next, remove the previous payment details.

Netflix claims that once the account is removed, all the payment methods are also deleted from the servers.

According to Netflix, an account is automatically deleted if it stays idle for ten months. Once you complete all these steps, send them an email asking them to speed up the process.

Post these steps; it will be a lot safer to delete the Netflix account as no personal data remain with your account anymore. More on the official page.

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  1. i have an experience to share. i had cancelled my Netflix membership on November 2019. however, i was shocked to have learned that I was charged €7.99 a few days back. I checked with my wife to understand if she had renewed the subscription which she denied. I checked my mail that I received from Netflix, only to find the country of origin was Germany and I live in India. I for one will not leave my credit card details with such companies who can use it to their advantage. I have duly blocked the transaction with the credit card company stating unauthorized transaction and changed the credit card as well.

    • I guess that’s the only way to block such transaction, file a dispute, and block the payment for good.

  2. I cancelled netflix a month ago. In fact I didn’t even sign up for it. Now I have been charged twice for it and don’t even have it. Please your accounts.


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