Jio Cinema is one of the primary ways of consuming media, especially for those who have a Jio sim. If you are a Jio Prime member, it is completely free and offers movies, TV shows on the go. Jio Cinema also offers one to download movies, tv shows for offline viewing. In this post, we will share how you can offline download Jio Cinema movies and TV shows.

Depending on whether to use iOS or Android you use, the method to download videos for offline content on Jio Cinema is a bit different.

Downloading Content for Offline Viewing in Jio Cinema: What to Know

  • Depending on where you live, not all content will be available for download and offline viewing on Jio Cinema.
  • Most Jio Video titles need to be viewed within 7 to 30 days after being downloaded.

How to Download Movies, TV Shows for Offline Viewing on Jio Cinema

  1. Open the Jio Cinema app on your Android device, iPhone/iPad, or Fire TV tablet. Proceed to open the title that you want to download for offline viewing.
  2. Tap the Download button to start the download.
  3. After that, select the quality that you’d like to download the title in. Click ok, and it will start downloading.

Jio Cinema: How to Download Movies, TV Shows for Offline Viewing

I have noticed that the Download option is not available for all the videos. Some of the videos are only available for live streaming.

Until and unless you are downloading videos on an Android tablet with a high-resolution display, my recommendation would be to stick to the ‘Medium’ quality. The ‘High’ quality takes up a lot of space for an improvement in quality that most users will be hard-pressed to notice.

For TV shows, you can select the episode or season and then press the download button.

Note: If you have installed an SD card on your Android device, it will automatically ask you to select if you want to download the video on the internal or external storage.

Where are the downloads available?

You can find all the downloaded content by tapping on the hamburger menu on the top left and select My Downloads.

You can view the remaining disk space, pause the current download, delete the videos, and can sort by type of video.

Jio also offers a dedicated section “Available for Download” in the menu. It lists all movie and TV shows which can be downloaded.

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Facing any issues while trying to download videos in Jio Cinema for offline content? Drop a comment, and we will help you out.

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  1. I have downloaded the movie from JioCinema, but i can’t play this movie in JioCinema app itself also as i am getting an error message as “We just encountered an unexpected error! Please try again..[#39] “. Can you please help me out on this?


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