Jio Cinema has a massive collection of TV shows, Movies, Disney, and Jio Kids. They also keep adding a plethora of new content every month. Given the sheer amount of videos that Jio Cinema keeps adding, it is difficult to keep track of all the latest additions to the streaming service every month. In this post, we will share tips on how to find New Movies,  TV Shows in Jio Cinema.

How to Find All New and Upcoming Releases on Jio Cinema

Find new shows movies Jio Cinema

In this guide, I will show you how to find all the new releases and content that will become available to Jio Cinema soon. Apart from this, I will also recommend you how to discover new content to watch.

Unlike Netflix, Jio Cinema doesn’t have easy ways to find out contents. So we will have to use these:

  1. Clips
  2. Available for Download
  3. Originals
  4. Trending Videos, What’s New and Latest Movies

These tips apply to JioCniema, Disney-Jio, and JioKids.

Make sure to keep using the My List feature to add content you would like to watch later or add to download queue. It is easy to get distracted with so many videos everywhere.

Find New and Upcoming Releases on Jio Cinema on iPhone and Android

1) Clips

Its a pool of short video or trailers of the movie, tv shows, etc. The clips are available for the content available in JioCienam or those which are coming.

The only drawback s that it doesn’t help to find the available content directly. You will have to search for it again using the search option.

2) Available for Download

While it lists down videos which one can download for offline viewing, its a great place to find out new shows and movies to watch. The videos are categorized by top-rated, popularity by language, and so on.

3) Originals

Like any other streaming service, Jio also invests in shows and movies or those which appear first in Jio Cinema. They all are listed under Originals.

4) Trending Videos, What’s New and Latest Movies

These are available under Movies and TV shows. What’s new can take you directly to recently released videos while  Trending can help you discover popular shows. Latest movies are of course the one that was aired on Jio Cinema recently.

These are a few ways to find new movies, TV shows in Jio Cinema. We wish Jio Cinema had features like Netflix, which makes discovery a lot easier.

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