Instagram has recently released a new Reels feature after the ban of TikTok in India. It helps you to connect with your followers and audience easily. Instagram Reels is a new way of creating short, entertaining, informative, and engaging videos in just 15 seconds. In the last few days, I found various features and functions of Instagram reels, so here in this guide, I will tell you about 10 useful Instagram Reels Tips and Tricks you should know.

What are Instagram Reels?

Before moving forward, let me give you a glimpse of what Instagram reels talk about. Instagram reels are content that enables you to create and share fun videos of about 15-30 seconds with your followers and the public. You can share the videos in your Instagram feeds or post them in the Explore tab.

10 Useful Instagram Reels Tips and Tricks.

If you’re all out of ideas reels, tricks are a great place to start. There are a lot of new features and tricks which will enhance your videos and make them creative. Here I am going to tell you 10 cool and useful tricks to use in your Instagram reels.

  1. Add an Elegant Music to Instagram Reels
  2. Make a text appear and disappear
  3. Set time for video
  4. Play with effects
  5. Make slow or fast motion videos on Instagram
  6. Align captured videos
  7. Spice your Instagram Reels with stickers and text
  8. Change cover before sharing the reels
  9. Use audio from other reels
  10. Use hashtags

Let’s discuss these tricks one by one in detail.

1] Add Elegant music to Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels Effect Audio Option

Music is undoubtedly one of the core elements of any good reel. It grabs the attention of the audience. Instagram is offering a great collection of music clips to choose from. Start by clicking the music icon to access the audio editor. Now browse your music from hundreds of music clips neatly categorized in the browse menu.

Once you’ve picked your song, drag your finger along the audio trimmer at the bottom of your screen and use the audio editor to pick the portion you want to be featured in your recording.

2] Make a text appear and disappear

Having fun with texts is another cool trick. You can select a proper duration for how long you want your text to appear and disappear.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Select the text box above the video preview
  • Please select the part of the video when you want it to appear and disappear.

Enjoy seeing your creative text on your reels.=

3] Set a timer for video

Set timer for video in Instagram reels

Another feature that reels come with is that it allows you to set a timer for video. By default, Instagram reels allow you to create a 15-second video. But it’s not necessary to do so. You can also create a 5-10 seconds video.

To set up your Timer:

  • Press on the Timer button
  • Please select how long your clip will be (it can be up to 15 seconds)
  • A countdown will appear before the recording starts

Now you can record your video according to your time.

4] Play with effects

Instagram Reels Effect AR Effects Option

So far, you have set your video with music and a timer, but what makes your reels look super cool? Effects.

Effects are the heart experience of Instagram reels you can add according to your moods like green lights, party lights, funny and sad faces, etc. Tap the Effects icon in the reels menu and scroll through many effects to make that perfect reel video.

Following are some of the interesting effects:

Zoom in and Out Effect

Did you know you can zoom in and out when you record your video?

You can do it by holding your finger on the record button and sliding it up and down your screen.

Glow Skin Effect

The Glow Skin effect helps you to add an AR filter to your photo or video. It changes the color and contrast of your photo and makes your skin glow.

Effects are something that will make your video stand out, so take your time in this.

5] Make slow or fast motion videos on Instagram

Make slow or fast motion videos on Instagram

Instagram gives you the option of choosing your video’s speed settings. You can quicken things or slow them down. It ranges from slow (.3x speed) to fast (3x speed). From the Reels, the screen slows down the video by 5x and speeds up the video by 3x.

You can’t slow down everything in your video, only do so when something uniquely cool can be enhanced when you slow it down. The slow-mo feature makes your video more eye-catching for the audience. It also offers a lot of opportunities to be creative.

6] Align captured videos

Instagram also allows you to adjust the video to make it look stable.

If your captured video comes out to be shaky or blurry, you can straighten it using the align feature.

If you want to stitch together multiple video clips of one subject in a reel, then this is what you are looking for. This feature will overlay the final frame of your previous clip so that you can align the one you are recording for clean continuity.

This is the fifth option in the reels bar after taking a video. Just tap on it and make your video accordingly.

7] Spice your Instagram Reels with stickers and text

Instagram allows you to add stickers, doodles on your video, emojis, and texts before sharing your first Reel with the world. When you upload your first video to Instagram, be sure to include things like the time, date, location, right emoji, etc. It makes your video even more appealing.

To do this, you need to tap on one of these options on the top and add stickers, emojis, and texts as per your need.

It is one of the ways to unleash your creativity.

8] Change cover before sharing the reels

change cover before sharing the reels

The cover is the thumbnail of your post. Adding a nice cover with an image and headline sums up the value of the post. It attracts people to tap your post to view.

Click on the image to change your cover image.

You can:

  • Choose a clip from your video, or
  • Upload an image from your camera roll

A Reel with a clear thumbnail image will be much more likely to entice a user to click through when they’re scrolling through the home feed or hashtag pages.

9] Use audio from other reels

Use audio from other reels

When watching other reels, you like audio and want to use it for your reel’s video. Then you can do it by clicking the Use aazudio option after tapping the music of the particular reel video. Now the reels menu is set to use the song you choose, and you can’t change the audio.

10] Use Hashtags

The Instagram algorithm can use a hashtag to help analyze a post and serve it toward more relevant audiences, even without Instagram Reels insights.

For example, using hashtags like #easyrecipes, #mealideas, and #dinnerinspiration will indicate to the Instagram Reels algorithm that your content is about food, and hashtags #naturelove #beautyofnature will indicate that your content is about nature.

It may increase the likelihood of it being served to users who are actively engaging with similar content. And also catch the interest of people who are nature lovers.

Now, Instagram’s keyword search has rolled out to more countries, so your content will be found by users searching for related topics.

These were some of the useful tricks you can apply while making your reels and make your video look more enhanced and attractive. I hope this post will help you to know about useful Instagram Reels tips and tricks.

Ashish is here to offer some of the best social tips along with a productivity guide. If you wanted to find a way around problems, follow him around.


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