Instagram has announced it is already testing new features called “Collab”. The user can use this feature to invite collaborators for posting and sharing content, news feeds, and reels among each other’s followers. In addition, the collaborative feature gives the collaborator the ability to see how the user shares their Instagram feed posts simultaneously as the user, so they can both see any feedback, responses, or comments they receive. This post guides on how you can use the Instagram Collab Feature on Android and iPhone.

The Collab feature is currently only available for Instagram users in India and the United Kingdom.

How to use the Instagram Collab Feature on Android and iPhone
How to use the Instagram Collab Feature on Android and iPhone

How to use the Instagram Collab Feature on Android and iPhone

  1. Those interested in using this feature must first create a feed post or a reel based on their wishes and requirements.
  2. To upload a new post or reel, open the Instagram app and tap the + icon.
  3. Click on the ‘Tag People’ option located at the bottom of the posting page.
  4. Locate and click on ‘Invite Collaborator’ option.
  5. From here, you can choose to add ‘Collaborators’ you want to invite, once they accept your invite they will be shown in the tag screen of a post and their followers will be notified of a new post.

How to use the Instagram Collab Feature on Android and iPhone
Step to use the Collab feature on Instagram.

This new Collab feature on Instagram helps grow popularity, sustainability, and stability for content creators, creative minds, and influencers. Currently, this Collab feature is in a test phase, and only a sample group of users will have access to it.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Collab on Instagram?

There are no specific rules but general guidelines that you should not start collaborating on Instagram if you have less than 1000 followers. Having 1000 engaging followers will help your collab reach a higher audience, and you will grow faster.

What Is the Benefit of Collaboration on Instagram?

You can tap into a new audience by working on a brand collaboration on Instagram. Launching the partnership gives you instant access to new followers.

You can reach a large audience by partnering with another brand. Brand collaboration helps your brand gain exposure to a broad audience. It may not be the purpose of your brand collaboration to increase your followers, but it can nevertheless be a benefit you cannot ignore.

Even when the stories disappear, you can add them as highlights to your profile. The highlights of your profile appear below your photo. To add a highlight to a story, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your profile and press the ‘+’ sign; press Story Highlights if you don’t see ‘+’.
  2. You can then select the story or stories you wish to include in highlights by tapping Next.
  3. Select a cover photo, give your highlight a name, and tap Done. Adding new images and videos to your highlight is as simple as tapping on Edit Highlight.

Note: Highlighted stories remain visible in the highlights until they are removed, even after the original has been deleted. If your story is visible to those you have permitted to view it, your highlights are also visible to them.

Should I Allow Someone to Repost My Pictures?

If you are confident that the other person is legit and the collab will help you reach your goals somehow, you can go ahead and repost pictures. Keep in mind that no one can use your photographs without your permission, and if they do so, you can file a violation complaint.

Which Third-Party Apps Are Safe to Use on Instagram?

Let’s find out the answer by looking at both apps you can and cannot use:

Apps you should not use:

If you use 3rd party apps that involve mass actions, Instagram penalizes you. If you want to unfollow many people at once, you can’t use apps that allow you to do that. It includes Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram, Followers App, and Cleaner for IG.

If you attempt to use these apps to remove followers who don’t follow you, Instagram will penalize you. 

Apps you can safely use:

If you want to push automated messages, you can use Buffer and Hootsuite are safe Instagram schedulers.

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