Cross sharing on social media platforms isn’t new, but Twitter and Snapchat have now teamed up to let users share their tweets on Snapchat stories directly. While people have already been sharing tweets in their stories, it involved taking screenshots, cropping, and then inserting them. However, it changes today; In this post, I will guide you on Share Tweets on Snapchat as a Story Sticker.

How to Share Tweets on Snapchat as a Story Sticker

Sharing tweets directly from Twitter to Snapchat is quite a simple process and doesn’t require much time. Here’s how to do so:

Step 1: On a tweet, click on the share icon on Twitter. However, do note that one can only share tweets that are public and not the protected ones.

Step 2: For iOS users, next Tap on the Snapchat icon present with the other icons at the bottom horizontal scroll of icons. For Android users: Once after tapping the share icon on the tweet, tap on Share Via and then choose Snapchat Story.

Step 3: The Snapchat app will now directly open up the Camera built-in, and the tweet you would like to share will appear on top of the Camera as a sticker. Additionally, one can also use a Lens by tapping on the screen to activate the Lens Carousel.

How to Share Twitter Tweets as a Story Sticker on Snapchat

Step 4: Once you have Snapped your video or photo, you can now directly pinch to drag and move or resize the tweet sticker, along with adding other creative tools such as captions, stickers, Bitmojis, and Filters.

Step 5: Finally, click on the Send button present in the bottom right corner to share the story for all your friends to see.

Users can click on the tweet sticker to directly open the tweet in the Twitter application to view the complete post and the comments.

Tweets added to Snapchat stories will disappear with the snap, that is, 24 hours after posting it. Next, If a tweet has been deleted from Twitter once shared on the status, users will notice a message stating that the tweet has been deleted upon swiping up.

Post Tweets on Instagram Story

Twitter also plans on rolling out the support for sharing tweet stickers on Instagram. The company has confirmed that they are testing share tweets to Instagram and are being rolled out for a small percentage of users.

The method to share these tweets on Instagram should be quite similar as seen for Snapchat: Tap on the Share icon on the tweet, choose an Instagram story, resize the sticker, add other parts of the story and share it with other people.

With that said, do you prefer sharing tweet stickers on other social media handles? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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