One of the advantages of social media is that you can share interesting content with your friends and followers. Facebook gives you the option to share a post, while Twitter provides you the option to retweet. Similarly, Instagram gives you the option to share your friend’s Instagram stories as your own story.

To repost something on Instagram means to share your friend’s or someone’s Instagram post to your story. It is an excellent way to share and spread beautiful content with more people.

When Can You Share Someone’s Instagram Post on Your Story?

There are two conditions here, and at least one of them must be met. Both accounts on Instagram must be following each other, or the account whose story you want to share is Public, and they have enabled the option of resharing their stories. You cannot repost posts or stories from private Instagram content to your own profile, even if they are following you. If both private accounts follow each other, though, then you can share their Instagram post on your profile.

It is important to note that you can only share pictures through this process. It does not apply to audio and video-based stories.

How To Add Music To Your Instagram Story

How to Share Your Friend’s Instagram Stories on Your Own Story

Repost Someone Instagram Stories

When your friends mention you in their stories, you get the option to repost it in your own story. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: When someone mentions you in their story, you will get a notification via direct message on Instagram. Open that message.

Step 2: The message will have the option to ‘Add this to your story.’ Tap on Send To, then Tap Share next to Your Story, and then tap on Done.

Step 3: Before posting it in your story, you can always edit it by either cropping or adding filters.

How to Repost an Instagram Story You Are Not Tagged In

You can only repost stories where you are tagged when using the official Instagram App. However, there are other ways. You can take a screenshot or record the story using the built-in recorder of your smartphone.

The editing tools will allow you to remove or hide any tagging if you need to get it done. Otherwise, you can always repost the Instagram story without any modification.

FAQs: Repost Instagram Stories

Can I see who shared my Instagram Story?

Not unless some has tagged you in that story. If someone has taken a screenshot, it will not auto-tag you.

Can you repost an Instagram post to your Stories?

Yes, you can. Officially, you can repost only when you are tagged. But you can always use screenshots and screen recording techniques to share it manually.

Why can’t I reshare stories on Instagram?

Instagram restricts the sharing of stories. So, while you can share someone’s post to your Stories feed, the same is not possible for stories as they are ephemeral content.

Is it legal to repost someone’s stories on Instagram?

That’s a tricky question because it depends on how you do it. As long as you are crediting the official post, it should be fine.

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