If you always wanted to use WhatsApp on multiple devices without the phone connected to the internet, follow this guide to setup WhatsApp on four different devices using the Multi-Device feature.

Whatsapp is a big part of our work and productivity nowadays. Whatsapp, unlike during its initial days, is now used for various purposes like business conversations, sending and receiving documents, business calls, video calls, sharing images, and whatnot. Whatsapp is not a personal messaging app for people anymore.

Whatsapp web is yet another feature that has contributed to the transformation as a productivity and business solution. Since its acquisition by Facebook in 2014, Whatsapp has been quite active in introducing new features; Whatsapp now has the Stories, Stickers, and even the Payments feature.

In evolving and constantly introducing new features, WhatsApp has launched a new feature where you can use Whatsapp on up to 4 devices simultaneously. This article will tell you more about Whatsapp’s multi-device feature and how to start using it. Make sure you read this article till the end for a better understanding.

How To Setup WhatsApp on Four Different Devices (Multi-Device Feature)
WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature

What Is Whatsapp Multi-Device Feature?

For the past few months, Whatsapp has been rolling out Multi-device support for beta testing. Now, you might be confused, as previously, too, Whatsapp allowed using it on multiple devices, but this is not the same thing.

With the Multi-device feature, you will now be able to use Whatsapp on up to 4 of your computers or devices simultaneously. Earlier, only one device, other than your smartphone, could be active. While you could use the WhatsApp Web, it still needed an active internet connection on the original device.

With the new multi-device feature on Whatsapp, you can even send voice notes, make calls, video calls, and send GIFs and Stickers too. It wasn’t possible previously. Whatsapp has also removed the dependency from your smartphone. You don’t need to keep your smartphone connected to the internet to use WhatsApp on other devices. Critics have also highlighted that Whatsapp’s multi-device feature might have been inspired by the Telegram app, which has already offered the same for quite a long time. Telegram also allows the same, or even more, you can send voice messages, stickers, make a video call or a voice call, and do almost everything you can on the app.

Now that you know what the new Whatsapp multi-device feature is let us proceed with steps on how to use this feature.

How To Use Whatsapp Multi-Device Feature?

Using the multi-device feature is as easy as it used to be; you need to follow a similar set of steps, with some extra steps. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the Whatsapp app on your Android or iOS device. Make sure you are on the latest beta version of the app, as this feature is currently in the testing phase and has only rolled out for beta users.

Step 2: Open the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and select the Linked devices option from it.

How To Setup WhatsApp on Four Different Devices (Multi-Device Feature)
Join Multi-Device Beta Feature WhatsApp

Step 3: Once you open the linked devices option, you will see an option to join the multi-device beta; click on it.

Step 4: A list of specific terms, conditions, and limitations will open along with a button to join the beta, finally. If you click on the Join beta button, you accept these conditions and restrictions. Click on it to use the feature.

Step 5: After you do this, press the link to a device button and scan the QR code available on your screen for the setup, and you will be able to use the multi-device feature.

How To Setup WhatsApp on Four Different Devices (Multi-Device Feature)
Link a PC to WhatsApp

Will The WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature Be Permanent?

Whatsapp is not known to roll back significant features in the beta update and refrain from launching them. The Multi-device feature is expected to be rolled out as a permanent feature on the platform, but it will surely take some time as a lot of polishing needs to be done to make it permanent.

Some users have also cited privacy concerns as anyone can sneak into their phone, set up a login, and use it without even knowing. But the users can always log out of any linked devices straight from their phones. Also, the connection to the connected device will automatically be terminated if not used for 14 days.

If you delete a message on WhatsApp Multi-Device will it sync with other devices?

No. When you delete a chat or group chat from a linked multi-device, it will clearly warn that the message will remain on the primary device or any other device. You will have to go there and delete them again. The best way to remove the messages is to delete them from the original device and refresh it on your PC and Laptop.

How Many Devices Can I Use With Whatsapp Multi-Device Login Feature?

Currently, you can use up to 4 devices on the Whatsapp Multi-device login feature. The number is believed to increase in the more stable releases of this feature.

Can I Use Whatsapp On Two Smartphones With Multi-Device Feature?

No, you cannot use Whatsapp on two smartphones with a Multi-device feature. You can use this feature only on computers or devices supporting Whatsapp web.

When Will The Stable Version Of Whatsapp Multi-Device Feature Roll Out?

An official statement on this has not been made by Whatsapp yet, but tech experts are speculating at least one or two months in the release.

Whatsapp is doing everything right on its platform. The new feature will indeed incentivize more users to use the platform actively. Make sure you use this cool feature before anybody else, and it makes your workstyle more productive.

I hope the post was informative, and you were able to setup the WhatsApp Multi-Device feature on PCs and laptops that support WhatsApp for Web.

Ashish is here to offer some of the best social tips along with a productivity guide. If you wanted to find a way around problems, follow him around.


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