Do you want to watch your Zoom meetings again? Have you missed some essential points, and do you need a recorded call of the Zoom meeting? Then follow this easy guide on how you can Record Zoom meetings on Mobile and Desktop. If you are a host, you can also start recording from your end and allow others to record.

Record Zoom Meeting (Mobile, Desktop and Host)

Record Zoom Meetings (Mobile, Desktop, and Host)

The onset of the tough time has made monumental changes in our daily lives. One of the most vital work aspects that gained increasing prominence is online tasks. Here, software platforms that allow users to hold meetings and presentations have come to the rescue. Zoom, one of the most popular video conferencing apps, has helped millions of people complete their works smoothly.

Zoom allows users to join a meeting or host one with simple and easy steps. Moreover, you can also schedule meetings. Thanks to the different features available on this cross-platform software, you can install it on various devices. Whether you have a desktop or mobile, you can use Zoom with relative ease.

Do you want to record a powerful webinar so that you can get back to it later? Are you in awe of your friend’s birthday celebration and want to record some vital moments? In that case, Zoom can help you with this. The record feature of the software allows hosts and participants to record meetings with ease.

How to Record Zoom Meetings on Desktop?

You can record Zoom meetings on your desktop with ease. Irrespective of being a host or participant, you can record the meeting. Take a look at the steps –

Step 1: Select Record, seen at the bottom of the screen during the meeting. Keep in mind that you won’t see the option if you are a participant and do not have the recording permission.

Click on Record Button on Zoom

Step 2:  When the recording starts, you can either pause or stop it.

Click on Pause Stop Zoom Recording

Step 3:  You can press the Stop option to end the Zoom recording. The video will be automatically saved on your computer.

How to Record Zoom Meetings on Mobile?

Do you have an Android phone and want to record Zoom meetings? Can iPhone’s record meetings over Zoom? Both platforms are suitable for Zoom meeting recordings. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to the Zoom app on your phone and Join the meeting

Step 2: Now, tap on the horizontal three dots option

Step 3: Here, you will see the record option. For android devices, you need to select Record. In iOS platforms, press on Record to the Cloud.

Step 4: Observe the upper-right side of the screen, and you will see the recording icon. You can use it to either stop or pause the recording.

There are three different options you can choose in the recording settings. These are –

  • Automatic recording – With this option, all your Zoom meetings will be recorded automatically.
  • Recording consent – It asks permission from participants to start the recording.
  • Multiple audio notifications of recorded meetings – This option lets the participants know when the recordings start and end. It makes it easy for the users to decide if they want to record the meeting.

Keep in mind that local recording on Zoom is not compatible with the mobile app. You can only access it on the desktop version. Here, the only option is to choose the cloud recording. For that, you need to be a licensed Zoom account holder.

How to Record Zoom Meetings on Mobile without Permission?

You will need to use a screen recorder tool. Most smartphones come with this feature. To ensure you get a clear recording, switch to the speaker and enable microphone recording. It will ensure your audio comes out clean. Here is a video tutorial on this:

How to allow participants and grant access to record Zoom meetings?

Apart from the host, participants can also record Zoom meetings. These are the steps that you need to follow –

Step 1: Visit the Zoom website and Log in to your account

Step 2: Press My Account present at the top-right part of the screen

Step 3: Select Recordings present on the left side. Here, you will see two options – cloud recording and local recording

Click on My Zoom Account

Step 4: Choose the one you want and click on the settings.

Step 5: Now, you will observe the recording options on the screen

Step 6: Checkmark all the boxes that allow participants to record Zoom meetings

Click on Record Button on Zoom

It is essential to understand that local recordings are free. But, for cloud recordings, you will need to be a licensed user.

To grant access to the Zoom recordings, the host should allow it. The host needs to follow the steps outlined below –

Step 1: When the meeting is underway, select Manage Participants

Step 2: Choose the participant that you want to give access to and select More next to the name

Step 3: Now, select Allow Record. Once access is granted to the participant, they can record the meeting without any hassle

How do I record Zoom meetings without permission?

If you are a guest or participant, there is no way to record a Zoom meeting without permission officially. You will need to get access from the host. However you can try recording using a smartphone,  but the quality will not be that good.

How can I gain access to my Zoom recordings?

You need to follow some easy steps to access your Zoom recordings. For that, log into your Zoom account. Go to Meetings and press the Recorded option. Now, here, you will get the list of meetings recorded. Choose the one that you want to view.

How many types of recordings Zoom has?

Zoom offers two types of recordings – local and Cloud. The cloud recordings can be managed from the app or online. If you are using local recording, make sure to back up the files.

What happens to the Zoom recording if the host doesn’t join the meeting?

If the host doesn’t join the meeting or leaves, there are ways to record the meeting. For cloud recording, you need to enable the automatic recording feature. That way, the Record will automatically start when the first participant joins the Zoom meeting. In the case of local recording, an alternative host has to be set up. For that, you need to give the email id of the alternative host.

Where can I find the Zoom recording?

You can find the Zoom recording on the document folder of your computer. Here, you need to search for the Zoom meeting folder. Clicking on the folder will give you the recorded meeting’s audio, video, and transcript.

These are the different ways you can record Zoom meetings. Now, you don’t have to worry about ebbing alert every second of your session. You can quickly check out the recordings later if you have missed any points. The recordings are available for you to view at your convenience.

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