Have you ever wondered if you could edit your videos directly on Instagram by slowing them down or speeding them up? Slow-motion allows you to capture some fun videos by turning everyday things into something special and unique.  Instagram allows you to create reels with lots of unique features. In this guide, we will show you how to make Slow motion videos on Instagram Reels.

What is a slow-mo video?

A slow-motion video is essentially a video slower than average in its playback. When replayed at a normal speed, time appears to be moving more slowly. Whenever this happens, you begin to notice every frame of the video.

When the video is slowed down with a high frame rate, flickering is reduced. This way, you can change the speed of the video when making a reel.

How does slow motion work on Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels invite you to create fun videos to share with your friends and the public. It records a 15-30 seconds multi-clip video with audio, effects, creative tools, and several features. The slow-motion option allows users to add some flair to their Reels videos. Its best quality is that it is integrated with the audio.

Reels allows you to choose music from their vast library. The problem, however, is that slow-motion gives the audio a deep drawl. Instagram has overcome the problem by speeding up the audio while you record. That way, the audio will return to its average 1x speed when you slow down the video.

How to record a slow-motion video on Instagram Reels

Recording a slow motion videos has become very easy on Instagram reels. The video can be slowed down easily and quickly online, without the need for other expensive software.

Slowing down a video allows you to choose between 0.3x and 0.5x for the speed of playback. Find a velocity that fits your video better by experimenting with them. To record a slow-motion video on reels, you need to follow these steps:

  • Start the Instagram App > Tap on the plus icon. 
  • Tap the Reels option at the bottom panel beside Story to enter the reels video mode.
  • When recording a slow-motion video, you need to set the velocity before recording the video. Choose the Speed option on the left panel to change the speed of the video. Now choose your rate from these options available 0.3x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, and 3x.
  • To create slow-motion videos, choose 0.3x or 0.5x. It will slow the speed.
  • To speed up videos, use the 2x or 3x. It will fasten the speed.

Find Slow Motion Feature in Instagram Reels

  • If you would like to add music to your reel, tap the Audio button in the left panel to select a popular song from the audio list and use it to create a video.
  • Tap the record button to start recording your video. You will notice that the song that you added will be played back much faster than usual.
  • If you want to watch the video you’ve recorded, tap the arrow button to move to the next page. Here you can see how the video has been slowed down, but the audio stays the same.

Add Audio in your Instagram Reels

Follow these steps and see if your slow-motion reel has been created.

How to record only part of a video in slow-motion?

Another exciting feature that Instagram has is it can record only a part of a video you want to slow down. It is not necessary to record your Reels video in one session. You can capture it in short burst clips as well. Then you can stitch all the short clips together to create a complete slow-mo video.

In this way, you can record a clip faster and all other clips at an average speed rate of 1x. Your video will only play at a sluggish speed for a portion of it, while the rest will play smoothly.

This way, you can slow down your video and create unique and creative reels. I hope this guide will help you know how to make a Slow-Motion video on Instagram Reels.

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