Many people are very private and particular about their visibility on WhatsApp, and thus they are not very comfortable in sharing their ‘last seen’ status with everyone. Also, WhatsApp has read receipts — a blue tick — which will let one know when you have read their message. In this post, we will share how you can hide your Last Seen on WhatsApp. We have also included the trick to disable the blue tick.

How to Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp

If you do not want to show your last seen status on WhatsApp, these are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap the three-dot menu button at the top right corner.
  2. Select Settings from the menu that opens. Tap on Account followed by the Privacy setting.
    How to Hide 'Last Seen' and Read Receipts on WhatsApp
  3. Select Last Seen from the list and then choose Nobody from the list.

Once you have changed the settings to Nobody, no one will be able to see your last online status on WhatsApp

Disadvantages of Hiding Last Seen Status on WhatsApp

One of the disadvantages of disabling Last Seen on WhatsApp is that you will also not be able to see the last online status of others as well. It is a fair trade-off though if you are keen to know when your friends were last online on WhatsApp, it is pertinent your last online status is visible as well.

There is another disadvantage to this feature. WhatsApp momentarily shows your status as online when you open the conversation with that person. However, this will only be visible when that person has your conversation already open.

How to Disable Read Receipts/Blue Tick in WhatsApp

Hiding Last Seen doesn’t disable read receipts. Any message that you read will still have a blue tick that will inform the recipient that you have read the message (grey ticks will change to blue ticks), along with the time. To disable, here is what you need to do:

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap the three-dot overflow menu button on the top right corner.
  2. Tap on Settings from the menu that opens.
  3. Then tap on Account -> Privacy.
  4. Toggle off the Read receipts option.

WhatsApp Disable Blue Tick

Like Last Seen, disabling this feature makes sure that you are also not able to check the read receipts of the messages that you send to others.

I hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to hide your last seen status and also disable the read receipts feature in WhatsApp. If you are still facing any issues, drop a comment, and let us know!

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