As more people have started working from home, it has led to a rise in the usage of Zoom, a video calling and conferencing app. However, a number of security issues have also been discovered with Zoom that could make a lot of people wary of using it. Plus, the competition has also stepped up its game with Google Meet and Microsoft Teams now able Zoom replacements. If you are done using Zoom due to security reasons then it is best to delete the account permanently.

Getting rid of a Zoom account is probably the most uncomplicated process when it comes to the deletion of any online account. However, there is one small catch. If you are a premium user, i.e., Paid users who have subscribed to one of the Zoom Plans, then you need to cancel the subscription first.

How to Cancel Your Zoom Subscription

Step 1: Go to the Billing section. If asked to sign-in, do so.

Step 2: Under the Current Plans tab, click on the Cancel Subscription link. It will stop the automatic renewal of the subscription.

cancel Zoom subscription billing

Step 3: You will be prompted again to confirm if you want to cancel your Zoom subscription. It will then again prompt for confirmation, click on the Cancel Subscription button. Zoom may ask for feedback, which is optional.

Note: If instead of cancel subscription, you get a link or info which says Contact Sales, then you should get in touch with Zoom’s support directly. They might try to pitch you to continue using Zoom or give you a discount so that you retain your subscription, but if you have already made up your mind, it is better to cancel it.

How to Delete Your Zoom Account Permanently

Before we start with the steps, be aware that once you request for deletion of your Zoom account, it cannot be recovered. Unlike Google Account, where you still can recover deleted Gmail account if requested on time, you lose access to everything related to Zoom.

Step 1: Open the Zoom Account Page in your browser. You will be prompted to sign-in. Make sure to sign-in using the same account which you plan to delete.

Step 2: If you signed in with Google or Facebook, it is best to remove the connection. If the account gets into the wrong hand, your connected account can be misused.

Step 3: Under basic information in Account Profile, click on the link that says “Terminate my account.”

Delete terminate zoom account

Step 4: Zoom will show a pop-up window where you will be prompted to confirm that you are sure about the deletion of your account.

Once you have confirmed, you will be redirected to the home page. It will display a message confirming account termination for a brief moment. Post this, you will not be able to sign-in or recreate another Zoom account using this email id.

FAQs: Delete Zoom Account Permanently

How do I delete my Zoom account from my iPhone or iPad?

Each of these apps offers a settings page that lets you configure your Zoom experience. In the same section, look for More Settings link. Click on it and it will take you the online account page. You can follow then follow the steps mentioned above to delete your Zoom account

If all you want to uninstall the Zoom app on your device, long-press on its app icon, and wait for an uninstall option or cross. Tap on it to delete the Zoom app from your device.

How do I unlink the connected Google or Gmail account?

The option to unlink is available under Profile > Sign-in Email > Linked account. Click on the Gmail or Facebook icon and it will unlink the account. Next time, you will need to create a password to sign-in to the Zoom account.

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