Amazon has taken its own sweet time, but it has finally gotten around to adding profiles support in Prime Video. It’s common for friends or family to share a single Prime Video subscription, so this feature is going to be a boon for them. The good thing is that you can now even create Kids profile in Prime Video and block access to all 12+ content on the platform to your children. In this guide, we will teach you the steps on how to create Prime Video profiles, manage them, and more.

What is Profiles in Prime Video?

Similar to profiles in Netflix, Amazon has rolled out Profile feature for Prime Video subscribers. It will come in handy if you share your account with family members or your friends. Every member you share the account with can have their own profile so that everyone can have their own recommendations, watch history, season progress, and watch list.

Switch Prime Video Profiles

How Many Profiles Can You Create in Prime Video?

You can have up to six user profiles (1 default primary profile + 5 additional profiles, either adult or kids) within Prime Video on a single Amazon account.

Also, note that you cannot stream the same video to more than two devices at a time.

Prime Video Profiles is Available in Which Countries?

Amazon hasn’t disclosed in which countries the feature is available, but their official help page says—Prime Video profiles are currently available in selected countries only.

What is Prime Video Kids Profile?

When you create a Kids Profile, the videos showed are filtered for only age-appropriate content, i.e., 12 and under. It will also filter out Search results and search suggestions. The only drawback is that the downloads, including those from an adult’s profile, will still be available and can be accessed through the Kids’ profile.

Other Profile Download in Kids Profile

How to Create, Manage, and Switch Prime Video Profiles, Including Kids Profile?

The creation of the profile is possible on the web, apps on iOS, Android devices, and Fire tablets. These steps are similar except for menus, which are different for each of the devices or applications.

Do note that when it comes to editing a profile, all you get to do is change the name. You cannot change a regular profile into a Kids profile or vice-versa without deleting it.

Prime Video Website

Sign-in to Prime Video, and then click on the Profile icon at the top-right. Then click on  “Add New,” add a name, and save changes.

If you want to create a Kids Profile, then toggle on the option which says “Kids Profile?”

To manage, i.e., edit or remove, click on Manage profiles menu, select the profile, and then make the changes accordingly.

Edit Prime Video Profile

Switching Profiles is straight forward. You will have to tap or click on the Profile or My Stuff icon, and if it supports profile creation, you will get the option right away.

Fire Stick (India Only)

Step 1: Launch Prime Video App and navigate to the profile icon to extreme right. It will reveal the Switch Profile menu.

Step 2: Press down to highlight the Switch profile menu, and then press the button the remote to open it.

Step 3: It will then list all the profiles, and option to create a new profile.

Step 4: Select New, and then you add a name, choose the kids’ profile option, and save it.

Prime Video app on iOS, Android devices, and Fire Tablets:

Step 1: Tap on the “My Stuff” or the profile looking icon in the app at the bottom right

Step 2: To create a profile, click on the  “+” icon to create a new profile. 

Step 3: Add Name, choose between normal or kids profile, and save changes.

To edit or remove tap on the manage profiles, select the profile, and then you can choose to change the name or delete it.

create manage switch profile App

Note: It is possible that this option might not be available on all smartphones right away. The feature is still rolling out.

List of Supported/Unsupported Devices for Prime Video Profiles?

If Prime Video profiles are not showing on your application or device, then it means it is not supported. Here is the complete list of supported and unsupported devices.

Creation and management of Prime Video Profiles are supported on the following devices:

  • Mobile/Tablet (Android and iOS)
  • Web (Desktop, mobile web, and mShop)
  • Fire Tablets (Gen 10 and above Fire tablets will have profiles)
  • Living Room Devices such as Apple TV Gen 2 & 3, Chromecast
  • Prime Video app on Fire TV for Indian Customers

You cannot create and manage Prime Video Profiles on the following devices:

  • Fire TV home screen experience
  • Alexa devices with a display
  • Living Room Devices such as Mi TV (except for Chromecast, Apple Gen 2/3 models)
  • Fire Tablet Gen 9 tablets and older
  • Echo Show
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