It is a common issue faced by many people that they do not want to show their status on WhatsApp to everyone. This problem is generally faced by teenagers who want to hide all the stuff they post as their WhatsApp status to every family member and relatives added to their contact list.

To avoid such a situation, WhatsApp has introduced a trick to share your WhatsApp status with some selected people only and can hide with the rest or vice versa.

How to Hide WhatsApp Status from some Contacts

The following are some of the steps to hide your WhatsApp status on your Android phone or iPhone.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and tap into three dots at the top right corner.

Step 2: Go to the Status bar and select “Settings” from the bar menu.

Step 3: Click “Status Privacy.” You will get three options:

    •  My Contacts
    • My Contacts Except
    • Only Share With

How to Hide WhatsApp Status from some Contacts

Depending on who you want to hide, configure the contacts. Next time you share, only those who are allowed to see will see the status.

1) If you want to share your WhatsApp status with everyone on your contact list, select “My Contacts.”

2) If you want to share your status with everyone on your contact list except a few chosen people, choose “My Contacts Except.”

3) Last but not least, if you want to share your status with only a few people and not with everyone else, click “Only Share With.”

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If you choose either option two or 3, you will get a list of all your contacts associated with your WhatsApp. All you need to do is click on the names of all those members you either want to include or exclude from the purview of your WhatsApp status.

Maybe remove the contact from Phonebook?

Here is another simple trick. If you delete the contact from your phone book, the person will not see your status and even your profile picture if that’s how you have set it so. Most people don’t hide their profile picture, which will make it easy to identify them or from the name they have set in WhatsApp.

Privacy is paramount these days; most of the social media websites offer sharing control. Just like on Facebook, where you can control who can see your posted status, WhatsApp provides the option to hide your status from WhatsApp contacts.

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