Netflix offers three tiers of subscription: Basic, Standard, and Premium. These plans differ not only in terms of their pricing, but they also differ in terms of video quality, the number of screens it can be used at the same time.  While Netflix does cost higher compared to other streaming services, the offer is well balanced. In this post, we will share how you can get a free Netflix account, almost.

How to almost get a free Netflix account

We know for that fact that not only the price increases for the premium plan, but also the number of screens, and the quality. One of the biggest relaxations from Netflix is it doesn’t restrict multiple logins even if they are from different locations.

The second feature Netflix offers is Profiles. You can have multiple profiles, including a child account. The maximum limit on the profile count is Four + One. The later is the child account. If you delete the child account, you can manage to tuck in another standard profile. It is, of course, for the Premium plan.

Netflix Profiles

Combining screen count, and Profile account, Five users can simultaneously log in to the account, and watch on Netflix. If you have a group of trusted friends who can share, you all can watch Netflix, and pay once every five months. That almost twice a year.

How much will Netflix cost when shared with friends

Netflix’s Premium Plan costs $16 a month. It comes out to be $192 a year. If you have five trusted people who can share the same email id and password, the monthly cost is approx $40 a year. Spending $3.5 a month for Netflix, which offers rich content at high quality is worth.

Drawbacks of this method

The method has its own set of disadvantages. The cost stays effective until everyone sticks together. It is possible that anyone can drop out, and if more people follow, it will be a catastrophe. While you can always find new members, but since the option to change password is available in every profile, one can hijack the account.

How many trial accounts you can create on Netflix?

One can argue that you can create accounts using different email accounts, even a  new credit card (using virtual credit card) and so on. The problem is that Netflix can track based on multiple factors, including your device MAC address. So even if you change everything, it is going to be tough to change your MAC address of the device. Even the best combination, you will ultimately run out of options sooner or later.

Sharing Netflix account among trusted friends is the best option to turn a costly premium plan of Netflix into an affordable scheme. However, be sure whoever you add won’t change any important account details.

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