Most of the phones these days offer USC-C ports which not only make changing fast but also data transfer a lot faster. While most of the time the stock charges are good enough, if you are looking for an additional unit, then this post will guide you through it. Check out some of the best USB-C charger you can buy in India for your smartphone.

Best USB-C Charger To Buy for Your Smartphone in India

We have handpicked some of the best USB-C type chargers from all the leading products, and the following is the list of best USB-C Chargers:

  1. USB C Charger, Anker 20W PD Fast Charger
  2. Belkin 18W USB-C Adapter
  3. Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter
  4. Spigen PE2007 GaN Dual Port Fast iPhone Charger
  5. Belkin Dual USB-C 40W PD Wall Charger
  6. AMX XP 60 4-Port 62W Wall Charger
  7. Anker Wall Charger USB C Charger

Let’s have a look at the detailed specifications, their functions, and what makes them the top chargers amongst all the leading ones:

Best USB-C Charger To Buy

1. USB C Charger, Anker 20W PD Fast Charger

What about getting a fast USB C charger at the lowest price?

Anker’s PowerPoint III 20W charger is a product that you can use. It’s not only cheaper, but it’s durable enough that it lasts for several years despite the wear and tear. Its fast charging keeps you connected on the go. It’s a high-speed USB-C Charger compatible with several devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android phones, compatible with USB-C type charging. It means that you don’t need to carry multiple chargers while traveling; a reliable one like this one is enough.

It’s almost three times faster than any ordinary Charger. The charger provides 20W power to nearly all devices, including phones, smartwatches, ear pods, and much more. The chargers Multi protect safety features give your device overvoltage protection and help control its temperature while charging. The best part is that you get a 1.6 years warranty over it! What else do you need to get an assurance of its durability?


  • Value For Money
  • Built-up of superior quality
  • Smaller in size, easier to carry
  • Mag-Safe technology


  • Can’t be assured of its longevity more than the warranty
  • Affects battery health

Buy from Amazon

2. Belkin 18W USB-C Adapter

Belkin 18W USB Type C Adapter (iPhone Fast Charger for All iPhone 14,...*
  • Pioneer in innovation and technology for over 35 years
  • USB-IF-certification ensures compatibility with accredited USB-C devices
  • Our products include smart circuitry to deliver optimal chargingâ?¯for connected devices

Do you need a small, compact, durable charger for your iOS-based devices?

If yes, Belkin, the pioneer of innovation and technology for 35 years, has the right product for you! Its 18W USB-C Adapter is something you should look for! It is the right choice, especially for your iOS devices.

The Belkin’s fast charger will charge your iPhone in just half an hour. It even applies to several other devices well optimized with the charger for more rapid charging. It’s a travel-friendly charger being smaller in size. You can carry it in your pockets while going to colleges, universities, offices, and much more.

Overall, the charger has been tested against several odds and proved to be durable with top-notch quality.


  • USB-IF certified charger
  • Reliable
  • Can charger two devices simultaneously


  • Cable not included
  • It does not charge as fast as advertised

Buy from Amazon

3. Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter (for iPhone, iPad & AirPods)*
  • The Apple 20W USB‑C Power Adapter offers fast, efficient charging at home, in the office, or on...
  • iPhone Compatability: iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 11 Pro,...
  • iPad Compatability: iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation), iPad...

Are you way too obsessed with Apple and all your Apple Devices?

You must check out this charger from Apple. Be it your iPhones, iPad, AirPods, or any iOS device capable of USB-C type charging. You can rely on it.

Moreover, being the product of Apple, it’s optimized as per their software for giving effective results. Many of you might believe in buying accessories for your devices from the same company as your device. Like Samsung, users prefer Samsung chargers more because of Samsung’s trust in them. Similarly, other mobile companies work. You will get the Amazon return policy over the exchange.


  • Optimized with Apple devices
  • It prevents the device from overheat
  • Skeptical design


  • Single port
  • Not optimized for Android devices

Buy from Amazon

4. Spigen PE2007 GaN Dual Port Fast iPhone Charger 70W for All C Type Mobile Phones and Devices

Spigen PE2007 70W GaN Dual Port Fast iPhone Wall Charger Compatible...*
  • Supports USB Power Delivery. Not supports Samsung Super Fast Charge(PPS)
  • Intelligent Qualcomm QC 3.0 chip
  • Max 70W power for Dual port charging

Do you want the best and the fastest charging USB-C type charger for your phones?

If yes, then Spigen always has something for you. It is always known for quality, durability, safety, and design in other electronics or wearable accessories. Spigen’s Charger has been rated ad Amazon’s Choice for Apple Chargers and can be used for any device, Android or iOS.

It’s compatible with Airpods, iPhones, iPad, Android, and compatible with most USB-C type phones. You can even charge your AirPods charging case for being connected to the good! It has dual ports. The charger has dual ports, and both of them deliver 70W output.

The best part is that the charger prevents your device from being heated. You can even charge your Nintendo consoles with it. Overall, it’s even optimized for charging Spigen Wireless chargers. Also, with its 1-year-warranty you can assure its durability.


  • Faster and durable
  • Value For Money
  • Charges 2 devices simultaneously


  • Cannot charge MacBook Pro 2022 and iPad Pro

Buy from Amazon

5. Belkin Dual USB-C 40W PD Wall Charger, Power Delivery 3.0 Certified

Belkin 40W (20W + 20W) Dual Port USB-C (Type C) Wall Charger/Adapter,...*
  • Pioneer in innovation and technology for over 35 years. Gives two compatible devices a fast charge...
  • Dual USB-C ports deliver up to 20W of power each, charging an iPhone 12 from 0-50% within 25 mins*...
  • This USB-C Power Delivery certified charger delivers 20W of power from each USB-C port. USB-C PD 3.0...

Do you want the best USB-C PD 3.0 certified charger from Belkin?

If yes, then this is the one; you should go for! Belkin’s Dual USB-C 40W PD Wall Charger has been listed as Amazon’s Choice for Belkin’s Chargers. Belkin has been the leading provider of pioneers and technology for 35 years. Its dual USB chargers deliver 20W power from each port and thus provide 40W power. This charger’s dual ports are helpful as they will charge two devices in parallel.

The charger charges your phone up to 50% within 25 minutes, whereas the iPad is charged within 40 minutes to 50%. On top of that, the charger is safe for your devices and protects against any bad contact while charging. It is assured as it’s USB-C PD 3.0 certified. Belkin, the best company in terms of warranty again, provides two years of warranty over its product. Thus it ensures that you’ve made a reliable purchase. It is even compatible with smartwatches having USB-C type charging.

With a sleek design and 200 grams in weight, it’s easy and convenient to carry wherever you want. It’s built of superior quality material. The sturdy design makes it easy to use.


  • Lighter in weight
  • Value For Money
  • Easy to plug


  • Cable not included

Buy from Amazon

6. AMX XP 60 4-Port 62W Wall Charger

AMX XP 60 4-Port 62W Wall Charger (45W USB-C Power Delivery PPS 3.0) &...*
  • Premium 62W 4-Port Charger With Power Delivery Port (45W) For Apple MacBook, iPad, iPhone, OnePlus...
  • UNIVERSAL MAX SPEED: From iPhone/Pixel/Samsung To USB-C Laptops, Macbooks, iPads And More, AMX’s...
  • Future Proof: USB-C PD Charging is the Default Standard For All the Latest Devices. Coupled with 3...

How about a charger having four ports with fast charging?

Some of you might think it’s impossible, but no! This AMX XP 60 charger has four ports for fast charging. Be it your ordinary Android phone, iPhone, or any of your Samsung Galaxy Note, laptops,iPads, or any devices that support USB-C type charging can be charged.

You can charge four devices simultaneously with the charger. One port has a 45W charging speed for charging your devices rapidly. However, it does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.

Its black-colored cuboidal design gives you an aesthetic appeal. The charger is built up of good quality material that renders it with durability and longevity. Even it protects your devices against lousy contact.


  • Unique design
  • Ideal for office use
  • Perfect for MacBooks
  • Keeps battery health in check


  • Design flaws
  • Cause current to leak from device’s body while charging
  • Chargers make whistling noises

Buy from Amazon

7. Anker Wall Charger USB C, 35W 2-Port Compact USB C Charger

Anker 35W 2 Port Wall Charger, PowerPort III Dual Type A & Type C Fast...*
  • Next-Gen Speed: Equipped with a USB-C Power Delivery port, and loaded with 18W of output power to...
  • Two-in-One: With 1 USB-C Power Delivery port, and 1 USB port with Anker's PowerIQ2.0, you're ready...
  • Size Matters: All this power comes installed in a pocket-friendly compact body, to go wherever the...

Are you looking for a charger that has a smart-device detection feature?

If yes, then Anker Wall Charger USB-C is something you should check out. The charger has two ports to charge two devices simultaneously. It’s a fast-charger compatible with several devices, including Android phones, iPhones, iPad, Macbooks,  laptops, and several more devices compatible with USB-C chargers. It gives 18W output power to the Devices for which it is used.

The charger is small, compact, and thus pocket-friendly, making it convenient for you to carry. You need not worry about its longevity as you get 18 months warranty on the product from Anker. Its smart device detection feature detects which device it is connected to, optimizing itself with the processor.

The charger makes it easier to control the device’s temperature, which won’t heat your device when it’s charging. Buyers love the charger as it’s durable.


  • Portable
  • Full speed charge
  • High-class quality
  • Safe to use


  • Output is not up to the mark

Buy from Amazon

The Conclusion

A phone without a charger is like an earth without water. You might think of wireless chargers, power banks, and such things for your rescue, but ultimately they also need to be charged with chargers. Even you cannot use your AirPods, laptops, MacBooks, tabs, iPads, or anything without chargers. So, chargers are essential stuff.

A charger is the lifeline of electronic devices; therefore, you must be careful while choosing chargers. Choosing up the wrong one may harm your device, your device’s battery health or may even lead to power failures at your home. Therefore, you must be careful while choosing one. We have selected some top picks considering several factors like price, durability, longevity, warranty, and much more.

Top Picks

The following are the best chargers:

  • Best Overall: Spigen PE2007 GaN Dual Port Fast iPhone Charger 70W for All C Type Mobile Phones and Devices – Buy from Amazon
  • Best in Budget: USB C Charger, Anker 20W PD Fast Charger – Buy from Amazon
  • Best in Warranty: Belkin Dual USB-C 40W PD Wall Charger, Power Delivery 3.0 Certified – Buy from Amazon

Hunting for the best USB-C Charger is challenging as there are so many similar products in the market. So, always ensure to choose products wisely. If you are looking for a USB cable, then check out our linked guide.

Still not able to choose the best USB-C Charger for Smartphone? Let us know we will help you find the best one also, if you are using any of the chargers, comment below.

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