When it comes to features, Telegram has evolved into one of the best instant messaging apps available. In this guide, I will tell you about some of the best Telegram tips and tricks.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a messaging app that works on cloud technology to access your messages across all your devices, no matter which device you are using. It allows you to use it both on desktop and mobile without depending on each other.

The app has secret chat functions, encrypted end-to-end conversations, and extra security measures. It allows users to transfer documents, share location with friends, share original quality photos, manage Polls and Quiz, and many more. You can create groups with 200000 members.

Best Telegram Tips and Tricks for Mobile and Desktop

Many features have been silently introduced to Telegram over the years and which are unknown to most people.

Here is a list of some of the Telegram tips and tricks for both desktop and mobile apps.

  1. Send Silent or Scheduled Messages.
  2. Select part of the message.
  3. Send images without loss in quality.
  4. Add stickers to images before sending them.
  5. Edit sent messages.
  6. Polls and Quiz Mode.
  7. Lock Chats and application.
  8. Stop People from allowing you to add to groups.
  9. Slow Mode.
  10. Telegram Themes.

Let’s explore them one by one.

1] Send Silent or Scheduled Messages

Telegram allows you to schedule messages to be sent at a particular time. Message scheduling is a necessity for channel or telegram owners, as well as professional users.

Sending Silent messages is an eye-catching feature that helps you, especially during the nights or in meetings. It is specifically designed for those situations when you want to convey a message to a friend while being considerate and not disturbing them.

This feature lets you send messages without causing a notification sound on the recipient’s phone.

Send silent messages in Telegram

For scheduling or sending a silent message on Telegram, you need to type the message and then press and hold the send button to bring the schedule and silent message option.

You can select the date, time & min and tap on the Send button to schedule the message. Further, click the Bell Icon and tap on the Send button to send a silent message.

2] Select Part of the Message

It’s almost impossible to pick a part of the message sent by someone else. You can copy all of it, but not parts of it, and that’s where Telegram comes in.

Telegram Select part of message

Telegram has brought a great way to select and copy a part of a message. Tap and hold on to a message to select it first, and then again tap and hold to select your part of the message. It will bring up options such as Copy and Select all.

3] Send Images Without Loss in Quality

Sending an image to a person or group will compress it. It saves bandwidth, but it also degrades the quality. However, if you want to send a full-size image, you can send it as a file.

Share Original Quality Image

The Telegram application offers a compression option when sending images of large sizes. You can uncheck it. As an alternative, you can select the attachment option and upload the file instead of sending a file from the gallery. This way, your will be able to send your images without a loss in their quality.

4] Add Stickers to Images Before Sending Them

To make conversation lighter, you can add emoticons or GIFs to images. Yes, it is possible to add animated stickers to both photos and videos. These popular animated stickers are the perfect addition to your still images. They are high-quality and available for free through Telegram’s sticker collection.

Telegram Messenger Add Sticker Image

To add them, you need to first tap on the image from the gallery and make it full-screen. Next, click the edit icon, then the brush icon. This will open the image editor. You can choose one of the available stickers in the next step, select it, and send it.

5] Edit Sent Messages

The feature bids farewell to typographical errors. Have you ever sent a message and then realized it was full of typos? Well, Telegram gives you a chance to edit any error in the sent message. You can do it for up to two days.

All you have to do is select the message and tap on the Edit icon. A text message will open in the text box, change it, and press enter. However, it will show you an Edited label after making the changes, and the rest of the people can see the previous messages.

6] Polls and Quiz Mode

Polls and Quiz mode are a great way to get an option or play games with your group. You can create both anonymous and visible polls and also schedule them accordingly. Additionally, you can view which people voted for which item in the Quiz Mode.

The best part is that you can set up multiple-choice quizzes. This is the best way to settle scores with your friends and family members if you run a Telegram group. To create polls, tap on the attachment icon and select the Polls menu.

7] Lock Chats and Application

These privacy-preserving tricks are useful for those who are worried about their chats being viewed by others. With its emphasis on privacy, Telegram has been very popular. Users can lock their chats on the server side, and the service provides end-to-end encryption.

It is a native feature that locks your chats with a passcode to prevent unauthorized access.

To lock a chat, go to Settings > Privacy and Security >Password Lock. Set it up, and you’ll have to enter it every time you open Telegram. It also has an auto-lock timer that automatically locks the chats at the end of the period.

8] Stop People From Allowing You to Add to Groups

Channels and Groups in messaging apps are delightful features, but they cease to be enjoyable if added to unknown channels and groups. Telegram has resolved this issue, which has added an interesting feature so you can specify who can add you to groups and channels as well as who is not allowed.

To do this, you need to go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Groups and then choose who can add you. You can also control who sees your phone number, last seen and online status, profile pictures, forwarded messages, and calls.

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9] Slow Mode

When you have many groups, and the group members keep pouring messages over messages, you can slow them down. After you turn on the slow mode and choose the time interval, group members will have a restriction to send one message in the defined interval.

You can turn on Slow Mode by tapping on the Group name > Edit > Permissions > Slow Mode. You can choose between 0 to 1 min to 1 hr.

10] Telegram Themes

For a truly customized experience, Telegram offers plenty of customization options. This is the list of interface elements that you can change:

  • Chat background
  • Color-theme of the app
  • Message corners
  • Turn off/on the auto-night mode
  • Display large emojis

To create your theme go to Settings > Chat Settings > Theme > Create New Theme. From here, you can choose from the predefined options or first select a theme and then tap on it again. You will see a new paint button appear on top of the page once your theme has been added. On clicking the icon, you’ll see a list of available editing options. It will open the Accent Color chat, and here you can select a different color from the color picker.

Once you are done editing, tap on Save Theme, and your customized theme will be saved and applied.

These were some of the amazing tricks for the Telegram messaging app. I hope this post was useful, and you are not aware of the best Telegram tips and tricks.

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