Have you ever wondered how the reels on Instagram look so stunning and captivating? That’s because social media influencers use the ring light to create magical videos. In this post, we will recommend a list of the best ring light for Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

How Does Ring Light Help?

Ring lights are helpful to give a professional look to your reels. These lights are designed to add perfect brightness and illumination like you see in the movies. So, if you are a social media influencer and make reels daily, this is a must to have.

Ring Lights also remove the need for a well-lit bright room from the equation. Ring Light is enough to keep you enlightened if you have decent lighting or even with almost zero lighting.

While there are so many ring lights available in the marketplace, choosing one right ring light is a tad challenging. Thus, to help you, we’ve shared here the seven best ring lights to make reels on Instagram and YouTube.

7 Best Ring Light for Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts

We take a deep dive into the reviews, consider the features and odds/even provide you with the best device of all time. So, you can easily pick any of the listed here and get ready to make professional Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

  1. Vengeza
  2. Tukzer
  3. DIGITEK® 12inch
  4. Osaka
  5. DIGITEK® 15inch
  6. DIGITEK 18inch
  7. DIGITEK 19 inch

Find one of the best ring lights to create a fantastic video for your Instagram or YouTube channel.

1. Vengeza 10 Inches Big LED Ring Light for Camera

Venganza Ring Light 10" Inches Big LED Ring Light for Photo and Video...*
  • Note - Tripod Not Include ) {Dimmable Ring Light: 3 colors lighting mode cool white, warm white, and...
  • Safer & Easier - LED ring light kit utilize dichromatic LED which enable you to customize your color...
  • Flexible Angle Adjust handle - Video lighting designs with an angle adjusting handle. You can adjust...

The ring light comes with a 7 feet tripod stand for shooting videos and reels for Instagram and YouTube vlogs. This ring light uses dichroic LED, which lets you customize the brightness level and temperature.

Moreover, you can also adjust the angles of the ring light so that you can shoot the perfect portrait-style photos and videos for blogging channels. Finally, a phone holder and USB-powered cable can charge it easily with any charger and use it.

2. Tukzer 3.5″ LED Selfie Ring Light

Tukzer 3.5" LED Selfie Ring Light |Flexible Arm Desk Mount Clamp for...*
  • 3 LIGHT MODES & 10 BRIGHTNESS LEVELS: Dimmable 12W LED Desk Ring Light with 3 Lighting Modes: Warm...
  • EYE-CARING SOFT RING LIGHT: Made with Premium LEDs, offers No-Flickering and No-Dazzling Light,...
  • 360° FLEXIBLE GOOSENECK ARM: 1.8 Feet Long & 360° Flexible Gooseneck Arm Allows You to easily...

Tukzer 3.5 inches ring light is a must-have device to shoot the reels with three light modes and ten brightness levels. It comes with a three-brightness adjustment mode to set different lighting to create the best Instagram Reels. It is ideal for shooting vlogs with mobile phones.

The ring light is made with premium LED light and has 360-degree rotation to shoot. We love this ring light because it has a USB port that supports a power bank, AC adapter, USB charger, and others. So, you don’t need to buy any separate charging.

3. DIGITEK® (DRL 12C) Professional 30.5 cm LED Ring Light

DIGITEK® (DRL 12C) Professional LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand for...*
  • For any product related queries contact our Service Customer Support / Toll Free number...

DIGITEK 30.5 cm LED ring light is best for professional-style videography and photography. The unique thing about this ring light is it comes with a Tripod Stand for cameras and mobile phones. So, you don’t need to buy any tripod stand separately.

Its three different temperature setting modes help to click the professional style photos. The light has been designed to save energy and provide low heat output. It is a USB-powered LED light, so you can charge it quickly by connecting any charger.

4. Osaka 10″ Inches Big LED Ring Light for YouTube Video Shooting vlogging

Osaka­® 10" (25.4 cm) Professional LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand...*
  • RING LIGHT WITH USB - High power 10W Ring LED is suitable for most devices that support USB ports,...
  • INTELLIGENT AND QUICK COLOR CHANGE - OSAKA makes it easy to adjust the color temperature from 3400K...
  • DIMMABLE LED RING LIGHT - The LED ring light is equipped with 120 high-quality SMD LEDs and 3...

If you run a vlog channel on YouTube, a prominent ring light is a must to add for shooting professional-style vlogs. Osaka 10 inches LED ring light is best to have as it features quick color change and temperature adjustment to offer the perfect ambiance to click pictures.

The ring light comes with a USB that supports all forms of devices. It is straightforward to install and provides three different lighting modes to beautify your face by throwing ideal light on the face. The best thing is you can change the skin tone and hide blemishes by using the cold white light and warm light.

5. DIGITEK® (DRL-15 C RGB) LED RGB Ring Light with Stand

DIGITEK® (DRL-15C RGB) LED RGB Ring Light with Stand for YouTube,...*
  • 1/4” Thread Universal Mounting
  • Easy Tight for 4 Sections
  • Anti skid Rubber for Legs

DIGITEK LED RGB ring light is best suited for recording the reels and vlogs. It features a tripod stand and phone holder so you can quickly shoot the videos without worrying about device handling. USB powered cable is included, which helps to easily charge the ring light with any charger.

Its unique selling point is multiple lighting effects which give you perfect illumination to shoot the vlogs. Overall, excellent for reels shooting.

6. DIGITEK Professional 46 CM (18 inches) Big LED Ring Light

DIGITEK® (DRL 018H) Professional 46 CM (18 inch) Big LED Ring Light...*
  • Switch to the right light: Digitek bi-color led ring light comes with 240 pieces LED bulbs; Special...
  • Lightweight on Shoulder and Pocket, both: Not just lightweight and portable but really affordable....
  • Button controls: DRL-18H comes with Intensity control, Color temperature control & power button...

Do you want a pocket-friendly LED ring light? DIGITEK professional 18 inches light is the best to have at this price range. The light is easy to mount and includes an AC power cable to charge it. This features a bi-color LED ring light and 240 LED bulbs for perfect illumination.

There is a button control that helps to operate the device very efficiently. Moreover, you can also set multiple angles to shoot the video because it can freely rotate. Furthermore, the dual-color modes are available, and you can even charge it with two Sony np lithium-ion batteries easily if there is no power supply.

7. DIGITEK 19″ Professional big LED Ring Light

DIGITEK (DRL 19) Professional Big LED Ring Light with Remote & 2 color...*
  • Multi angle: With a 360 degree rotated smart phone holder, you can angle vertically or horizontally...
  • Dual color modes: With color temperature variable from 3200 to 5600k, runs on 2 optional Sony...
  • AC/DC Both : Photo video shoots at no electrical power supply spots. Work on both AC & DC power....

Last but not least is the DIGITEK professional LED ring light. This device comes with a remote and has two dimming light options to set perfect lighting effects. The best thing is this ring light is compatible with Android, iOS, and other devices. In addition, it comes with a six months warranty and has a USB port to charge devices with any of the chargers easily.

Bottom Line

Ring lights are no exception if you want to shoot professional-style reels and videos. So, here you’ve got the best-LED ring lights on a budget. Now, you can pick any ring lights to create professional-style Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. However, we like the DIGITEK professional LED ring light with stand and Osaka ring light as these are available on a budget, and you can only pay Rs 4000 for the ring light.

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