Are you planning to buy an iQOO Z6 or do you already have one? Then you must get a case or back cover for your phone.  In this guide, we are looking at some of the best iQOO Z6 cases to buy in India.

Why Buy a Case for iQOO Z6?

Whether you scroll social media on your phone whole, carry it in college and office or use it while running daily errands, you need a phone. Suppose it falls from a height through the screen protector up to an extent that will protect your phone but not always. So, your phone may develop scratches on it and not even function. Here’s where the mobile cover came into the picture.

Mobile phones are more powerful than ever, but they’re still not as durable or convenient as a traditional laptop. That’s why it’s important to invest in a quality case for your phone. A cover will protect it from scratches and dings, and it will also add an appeal to your phone’s appearance and functionality. It will also help you protect your useful yet expensive gadget and enable it to function at its best.

Best iQOO Z6 Cases to Buy in India

Best iQOO Z6 Cases to Buy in India

Our experts have handpicked and selected the best iQOO Z6 Cases to buy in India available for the model.

  1. TheGiftKart Crystal Clear iQOO Z6 Transparent Back Cover Case
  2. Mezmo Vivo T1 5G/Y75/IQ00Z6 Case Back Cover
  3. CEDO iQOO Z6 5G Case Back Cover
  4. Pikkme Vivo T1 5G / Vivo Y75 5G / iQOO Z6 5G Back Cover

But what makes them the best? Let’s have a look at its features!

TheGiftKart Crystal Clear iQOO Z6 44W / Vivo T1 44W Back Cover Case | 360 Degree Protection | Shock Proof Design | Transparent Back Cover Case for iQOO Z6 44W / Vivo T1 44W (Black Bumper)

TheGiftKart Crystal Clear Back Cover Case For Iqoo Z6 44W / Vivo T1...*
  • Compatible with iQOO Z6 44W / Vivo T1 44W Only
  • Crystal Clear Non Yellowing Transparent Back
  • Shock Proof & Protective Case

How about the most budget-friendly yet elegant mobile cover in your hands?

If yes, then the GiftKart transparent Cover is the ideal choice for you!

With a dash of black Bumper in its transparent design, you get an elegantly designed cover. Though minimalistic design, it has the apt manufacture that will protect your phone in case of falls, Impacts, and drops. The coolest part is that, unlike other transparent covers, this one doesn’t develop yellowish stains, and superior quality materials are used.

Besides, it is doubly Injected bumpers that are incorporated with shock-absorbent technology that gives robust protection to your phone. Therefore, it gives you the perfect grip to carry your phone without any worries. Moreover, its precise cutouts fit your iQOO Z6 perfectly.


  • Protects phone while drops
  • Shock Absorbent
  • Value-for-money


  • Bulky to carry

Mezmo Vivo T1 5G/Y75/IQ00Z6 Case Back Cover Shockproof Bumper Crystal Clear|360 Degree Protection TPU+PC|Camera Protection|Acrylic Transparent Eagle Cover for T1 5G/Y75/IQ00Z6 (Black)

How about a crystal clear, classy black cover that adds glam to your phone?

If yes, then the Mezmo cover is the ideal choice for you!

The back case is made up of TPU and Acrylic. TPU protects your phone against the odds, while Acrylic gives a beautiful appearance to your phone that you can flaunt. Besides, the Cover has precise cutouts at ports and buttons to fit perfectly to your phone without any mess. Further, if you want to charge your phone or remove the Cover from its body or similar things, it won’t ruin the cover or phone by leaving scratches over it.

Moreover, it has a shockproof and feathery touch Cover. It has raised bezels at the front and the back that protects your phone screen and back Camera. So that it reaches you safely, the Cover is provided with a protective film that you should remove when using it for the first time.


  • Lightweight
  • Raised bezels for protection
  • Shockproof


  • Not durable

CEDO iQOO Z6 5G Case Back Cover Shockproof Bumper Crystal Clear | 360 Degree Protection TPU+PC | Camera Protection | Acrylic Transparent Eagle Cover for iQOO Z6 5G (Black)

CEDO iQOO Z6 (5G) / Vivo T1 (5G) Cover | Camera Protection Shockproof...*
  • DISCLAIMER: Compatible with iQOO Z6 5G mobile only.
  • TPU+PC(Acrylic Hard Cover) - The back case made of TPU and acrylic hard cover.TPU can protect corner...
  • CAMERA PROTECTION - Raised bezels lift camera off flat surfaces, thus protecting the camera from...

How about a lightweight, transparent case with a dash of black for your phone?

If yes, then the CEDO iQOO Z6 case is the ideal choice for you!

The lightweight, transparent Cover with a pinch of black in its Bumper gives your phone the perfect looks needed. Its transparent part lets you flaunt your phone, while the black bumper gives it advanced protection. This cover is made up of TPU that helps protect while Acrylic gives your phone the stunning looks needed. Its raised bezels raise the cover from the front and back that protects the rear camera, front camera, screen and back from impacts and drops.

Moreover, the cover’s precise cutouts let the cover fit into your phone without any damage, and you can access the charging ports, headphone jacks, and speakers easily. Besides, you can use it with a wireless charger, which does not interfere with the screen protector.


  • Raised bezels
  • Lightweight
  • Precise cutouts


  • Develops yellowish stains

Pikkme Vivo T1 5G / Vivo Y75 5G / iQOO Z6 5G Back Cover | Hybrid Smoked Back | Full Camera Protection | Raised Edges | Super Soft-Touch | Bumper Case for Vivo T1 5G / Vivo Y75 5G / iQOO Z6 5G (Black)

Pikkme Thermoplastic Polyurethane Hybrid Smoked Back Full Camera...*
  • Design : Shockproof Cover For Vivo T1 5G / Vivo Y75 5G / iQOO Z6 5G by Pikkme is ultra-thin premium...
  • Quality : Vivo T1 5G / Vivo Y75 5G / iQOO Z6 5G Cover is built with high quality TPU Material which...
  • Looks : The Shockproof cover for Vivo T1 5G / Vivo Y75 5G / iQOO Z6 5G provides elegant look to your...

How about a smokey black colored Case for your phone?

If yes, then the Pikme IQOO Z6 case is a must checkout on your list.

The sleek designed smokey colored vacuum gives your phone the impressive looks it needs. Besides, its sleek design doesn’t let you hide your phone’s slim physique. It’s made up of thermo polyurethane that is tough and lightweight yet gives the powerful protection that your phone needs.

Besides, it is designed to protect your phone in case of falls and impacts. Therefore it has raised sides to tackle the issue. Moreover, its precise cutouts at the ports, headphone jack, and buttons let you use your phone anytime without the cover’s interference. Furthermore, its back is scratch-resistant.


  • Raised sides
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Shockproof


  • Poor quality

The Final Word

Choosing the best cover for your IQOO Z6 might seem difficult, but it is not. With a lot to consider, our Top Pick section has covered you with the best one. Do let us know which one you find the best!

Our Top Pick

Best Overall: TheGiftKart Crystal Clear iQOO Z6 44W Back Cover Case

Its anti-yellowish stains developing technology, 360 Degree Protection, Shockproof design, and an elegant transparent Cover with a black bumper are apt for your phone.

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