Power fluctuations can cause appliances and electronics to stop working or function abnormally. It happens when the power grid experiences rapid changes in voltage or frequency. Power surges and brownouts are the most common forms of power fluctuations. Moreover, power surges are short-term voltage spikes when the grid is under stress. This post will share some of the best AC stabilizers to buy in India.

What is an AC Stabilizer?

Power fluctuations are a common occurrence in India, especially in summers. They can happen when the power is low or something similar. Power fluctuations can also be caused by switching equipment on and off. They can be exciting, but they can also throw off the delicate electronics in our devices.

An AC voltage stabilizer is a device that is installed with Air Conditioners. The stabilizer is designed to filter and redirect the voltage so that it is not lost but instead is sent through the power outlet safely. It protects your AC. Most AC voltage stabilizers have a built-in surge protector, protecting your devices during power fluctuations.

Best AC Stabilizers To Buy in India

Best AC Stabilizers To Buy in India

We have handpicked some of the best AC Stabilizers to buy in India.

  1. MICROTEK EM4160 Automatic Stabilizer
  2. V-Guard VG 400 AE 10 Voltage Stabilizer
  3. Monitor (100% Copper) Voltage Stabilizer
  4. Everest EW 400 N Elegant Digi Double Booster Voltage Stabilizer
  5. AULTEN 4KVA 3200W 150V – 280V Digital Voltage Stabilizer
  6. Livguard 120V-285V Metal Automatic Voltage Controller Stabilizer
  7. Voltas Voltage Stabilizer for 1.5 Ton AC 130V-300V Stabilizer

But what makes them the best under their category? Let’s have a look at their specifications and features!

1. MICROTEK EM4160 Automatic Voltage Digital Display Wall Mounted Stabilizer for AC up to 1.5 ton (Metallic Grey)

MICROTEK EM4160 Automatic Voltage Digital Display Wall Mounted...*
  • No Plug Top is provided with the productThe product has a three core wire for connecting the Input...
  • Color Name: Gray

Frequent Voltage fluctuations and high power cuts are dangerous for your appliances’ health. The problem is worse in underdeveloped regions and areas of extreme temperatures. Such issues not only damage your ACs but also affect their longevity. Therefore, you need the apt voltage stabilizer for your AC and help them stay safe in the long run.

The Microtek EM4090 Voltage Stabilizer stabilizes the incoming voltage. Besides, its Save Power technology helps save. Moreover, the digital Stabilizer is made by the award-winning brand “Microtek” and remains the perfect budget-friendly choice. The product is also equipped with Overload Technology.


  • Easy to Install
  • Value for Money


  • Bulky in weight

2. V-Guard VG 400 AE 10 Voltage Stabilizer for Non-Inverter AC up to 1.5 Ton (Working Range: 165 to 270 VAC)

The V-Guard is again one of the leading brands in AC Voltage Stabilizer. It efficiently gives your AC the most stable voltage under 165-270 Volts. The intricate design and exquisite looks render a smart appearance to its surroundings. With Intelligent Time Delay System (ITDS) ensures that your AC’s compressor does not get affected. In case of power cuts, it takes 3 minutes to start.

Like in extreme Voltage fluctuations or frequent power cuts, if AC switches on and off, it affects its life. But its 3 minutes delay gives sufficient time to know if the power is stable or not. It has an LED indicator that glows up when the device is powered up. The Stabilizer has a smart IC technology that stabilizes Voltage and thus protects your AC’s internal components. It has a built-in thermal Overload Protection and a wall-mount installation.


  • Easy to install
  • Built-in Thermal Overload Protection Technology


  • Less durable
  • Bulky to handle

3. Monitor (100% Copper) Voltage Stabilizer for Inverter AC, Split AC, Window AC Upto 1.5 Ton AC with 5 -Year Warranty ( 170V-270V )

The Monitor Voltage Stabilizer works best for 1.5 Ton AC. It is 100% Copper Winding helps save power, provides efficient power, and conducts electricity better. The Stabilizer works optimally within 170V-270V. It has an Epoxy Coated Metal Body made up of superior quality. Thus the product is durable.

The Stabilizer can be safely wall or floor Mountable. If you register for a warranty, you get an All India 5 Years Replacement Warranty on the product in case of manufacturing defects.


  • High voltage cut-off
  • Less power loss
  • Low heat generation


  • Noisy

4. Everest EW 400 N Elegant Digi Double Booster Voltage Stabilizer Working Range (150 V to 290 V) Used Upto 1.5 Ton AC, White Color

Everest EW 400 N Elegant Digi Double Booster Voltage Stabilizer...*
  • Working Range : 150 V to 270 , Power Output : 200 V - 240V , AMPS : 14, Watts : 4000 W For One AC...
  • Advance Safety with the help of Toroidal Transformers (The latest German technology)
  • Optimum Quality Performance by the utilization of Sophisticated Solid State Circuitry Technology

The Everest EW 400 N Elegant Voltage Stabilizer works perfectly from 150V to 270V. It uses 4000W power for an AC Upto 1.5 Ton. The product is designed with the latest German Technology based upon Toroidal Transformers. It uses Solid State Circuitry Technology that helps save 40% of the power.

The product has a noise-free operation and intelligent time delay performance. You get a one-year product warranty and four years service warranty. It weighs 6.13 Kilograms with dimensions of 20×27×10 Centimeters.


  • Based upon Toroidal Transformer Technology
  • Saves Power


  • Looks are not Smart

5. AULTEN 4KVA 3200W 150V – 280V Digital Voltage Stabilizer for All Inverter/Split/Window 0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5 Ton ACs

AULTEN Digital Voltage Stabilizer for All Inverter and Non Inverter AC...*
  • The integrated circuit technology ensures a consistent flow of current in the system and becomes a...
  • Digital Display continuously displays input and output voltage giving you accurate voltage readings...
  • Aulten maintains a safe output voltage range of 200V - 240V ± 5% making it universally ideal for...

The Aulten Digital Voltage Stabilizer, with dimensions of 13.5×20×32 centimeters, is ideal for Inverter, Split, and Window ACs (0.8,1.0,1.2,1.5 Ton). Voltage Stabilizing technology keeps your AC safe and reduces energy consumption. Against Voltage Fluctuations and Power Cuts, your AC gets the desired Protection. It consumes 3200 Watts power, has a 4KVA capacity, and works under the range of 150-280V.

With a multifunctional digital display, zero-cost switching technology, a toroidal transformer, and a low and high cut-off with Initial Time delay and automatic start feature, your AC gets maximum protection. You get a 1-year replacement warranty on the product.


  • Energy efficient
  • Digital Display
  • Time Delay technology


  • Buzzing sounds

6. Livguard 120V-285V Metal Automatic Voltage Controller Stabilizer 4KVA (White)

Livguard 120V-285V Metal Automatic Voltage Controller Stabilizer 4KVA...*
  • Technical Features: Analogue IC based design
  • CSS technology
  • Smart Thermal Management

The Livguard digital display Voltage stabilizer with a sleek look is what you need to complement your interest. I have an Analog IC-based design and use CSS technology. Besides, it also houses Smart Thermal Management and a Time Delay relay that gives maximum protection to your AC. It also has a High Voltage Cut technology and Spike Protector, which make it ideal to be used in ACs Upto 1.5 Ton.


  • Accurate readings


  • Not durable

7. Voltas Voltage Stabilizer for 1.5 Ton AC 130V-300V Stabilizer (Blue) Wall Mounted

Voltas Voltage Stabilizer for 1.5 Ton AC 130V-300V Stabilizer (Blue)...*
  • Energy Efficient Intelligent Controller Smart Timer Delay High & Low Cut Off Working Range 130V-300V...
  • Made For ACs: Ideal protection for Air Conditioners up to 1.5 ton against voltage fluctuations
  • Energy Efficient: With Save Power Technology, Voltas stabilizer provides high Performance...

The Energy-efficient digital voltage stabilizer has an intelligent time delay technology to regulate your appliances during frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations. It has high and low cut-off technology and works in the range of 130V-300V. The Stabilizer is designed for ACs up to 1.5 Ton. It has a high-performance auto-start technology. The warranty on the product gets you a technician within 24-48 hours of your complaint.


  • Intelligent time delay
  • Better Customer Service
  • Durable


  • Reading is not accurate

The Conclusion

When choosing a Voltage Stabilizer for AC, there are a lot of factors to consider. You need to find the right product and type for your home, but you also have to consider how it will be powered, your budget, the AC you have, and which AC the stabilizer supports.

However, one of the most challenging decisions to make is to choose the right one. A voltage stabilizer is designed to help air conditioners run more efficiently by keeping the voltage steady and consistent. You might be confused among so many, but our Top Picks section will make your choice easier.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Everest EW 400 N Elegant Digi Double Booster Voltage Stabilizer
  • Best-in-Budget: MICROTEK EM4160 Automatic Voltage Digital Display Stabilizer
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